R420 Front Feeding (Elevator) System

This is an ideal machine for packaging square and cylindrical products aligned side by side. Optionally, two rows of stacked packaging can be done with the support of the elevator system. One row of packaging can be continued by switching off the elevator system. The elevator enables products to be wrapped in groups of 4, 6 etc. If group packaging is required, then the machine must be supported with the elevator system. The feeding unit is fed manually.

Printed and transparant film material can be used.

Size of pack Min.
Prismatical Length 60 300
Width 40 120
With the elevator system Width 35 95
Height 15 70
Perimeter 140 420
Cylindrical Diameter 40 70
Lenght 60 300
Capacity 20 - 55 packets / per minute
Power 3 KVA 400V
Weight 900 kg.